As brand and marketing specialists, we help create, develop, grow and enhance brands and brand awareness through an array of marketing communications services, including: public relations, advertising, social media, viral marketing, brand development, identity and marketing, Internet marketing & web presence and more.

Gatorade NBA Dreams
Our expertise includes:
*Development of marketing, public relations, advertising, promotional programs & campaigns through broadcast, print, Internet and live media

*Design of all marketing collateral including web sites, press kits, brochures, sell sheets, direct mail, giveaways & promo items

*Event creative design and development
*Guerilla marketing
*Marketing Initiatives
*Viral Marketing


Dunkin Donuts
*Experiential Marketing
*TV and radio commercial development
*Social Networking
Stroke CME

*Medical / Pharmaceutical communications & marketing (copywriting, strategic marketing, publication planning & management and physician education)
*Media planning and media buys (radio, print, etc.)
*Print advertisements
*Internet Marketing And Advertising


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*Public Relations & Publicity
*Presentation preparation
*Product Placements