Action Sports & Stunts are the fastest growing entertainment segments and remain one of the most powerful avenues / tools for company branding, marketing and exposure to the highly coveted youth demographic as well as into the young and middle-age adult demographics as well. The combination of amazing tricks, stunts and action in an array of action sports / extreme sports and professional stunts, along with the incredible, personable and sometimes outrageous personalities of these athletes and performers that love, interact and are accessible to their fans, has propelled the industry, and interest in the industry, to new levels in recent years.

These action sports, competitions and athletes are now on every major network and cable station, on the cover of national magazines & newspapers, in advertising & marketing campaigns and selling out events across the country. The stunt professionals, for years behind the scenes, are responsible for almost all of the action, excitement and “elements of danger” in your favorite feature films, television shows, commercials and live events.
E3 (the action sports, stunt and specialty act division of EE&E) is where incredible entertainment, top athletes and stunt professionals meets youth marketing, youth culture and mainstream entertainment as well as corporate branding, marketing and brand recognition. 

We are a progressive agency that not only has the unique perspective of experience in all areas or “sides” of the business, but we have been on the cutting edge and a major driving force in these industries for years. We represent and work with the top action sports / extreme sports, stunt professionals and specialty performers in the industry covering all sports, disciplines and types of performances.
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Along with our parent company, EE&E, we are branding, marketing and talent management experts…we are youth marketing, pop culture and entertainment industry experts…and, we are event and show production experts, producing thousands of shows and events throughout our history…together making our agency THE agency to work with to provide action sports, stunt or specialty act entertainment and talent for advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns as well as for live shows and appearances across the country and around the world.
E3, the leader in action sports & stunt entertainment and talent representation, provides top action sports athletes (E3 Action Sports), Hollywood Stunt Professionals (E3 Stunts) and other extreme/specialty performers (E3 Extreme/Specialty Entertainment) to clients across the country and around the world.

Some of our incredible talent are exclusively represented by the agency and some are “friends of the family” who we work with on different projects, programs and campaigns for our clients.

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The reason we provide exclusive and non-exclusive talent is because we always want to provide the talent that is the best fit for the client’s event, shoot, program, campaign, etc., regardless of whether or not they are represented by our agency.

Athletes and stunt professionals are available for live shows/performances, sponsorships/endorsements, feature films, advertising, marketing and PR shoots & campaigns, videos and much more.
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As marketing, branding and event specialists, EE&E works with a wide range of talent as different types of talent and entertainment are appropriate for different events, productions and other marketing & advertising campaigns to achieve the goals and desired results of the clients’ programs.

However, the action sports, stunts and specialty acts have risen as one of the most powerful marketing genres, tools and avenues ever. This is for a few main reasons...
First, the extreme sports, now moving toward the term action sports, primary market is the coveted 13-35 demographic. And for that demographic, there is currently nothing bigger, hotter or growing faster.

Second, due to many factors, the tremendous excitement and progression of the sports (including for people with no regular knowledge or interest in them), has spread that demographic from the 13-35 to 8-48 and up.

And third, there are so many different ways (directly brand integrated to strictly entertainment value/wow factor) to utilize these incredible athletes and entertainment.
So, although EE&E continues to represent and provide other top notch talent, including professional mainstream sports athletes, private event to big stadium musicians and bands, actors, models, comedians and more…with this incredible genre and market, E3 has been built with top athletes and professionals as well as a staff of action sports, stunt, marketing, branding and youth culture experts…to specialize in action sports, stunts & specialty acts, now representing and working with the best, most professional action sports athletes and Hollywood stunt professionals and some of the biggest, most sought after names in the business.
E3 Action Sports provide athletes in all the major extreme / action sports, including: FMX, or freestyle motorcross with guys like Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Mike “The Godfather” Metzger and Julian D’usseau; BMX, or bicycle stunts, with Dave Voelker, Gary Young, Mike Parenti and Ricardo Laguna; Skateboarders like AJ Kohn and JJ O’Donnell; Snowboarders like Jon Callahan, Ross Powers and many many more. 

While we provide athletes in all major extreme / action sports, our most popular and the fastest growing sport is freestyle street extreme.  We represent the top athletes in the sport including: Bill Dixon, Chris “Teach” McNeil, Aaron Colton and J Beats.
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E3 Stunts is a full-service stunt division, providing experienced stunt coordinators, stunt professionals / stunt players and all stunt equipment, vehicles, gear, etc. 

We provide these services for our clients for feature, short & independent films, commercials & tv shows as well as advertising, marketing, public relations &promotional projects and campaigns.  Whether it’s traditional stunts such as high falls, zip lines, ratchets, descenders,  air rams & fire burns; motorized stunts such as car stunts, motorcycle stunts, helicopter stunts, boat & jet ski stunts; fight scenes with hand-to-hand combat, heavy weapons, chase scenes; or custom-designed stunts, we handle it all.  “We can do the difficult immediately and the impossible, by appointment.”
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E3 Extreme/Specialty Entertainment represents and works with some of the top extreme / specialty and “cirque” performers, talent and entertainment in the world.  

This division has performers that include ski & snowboard trampoline shows, fire performers, hand balancers, chiffon tissue dancers, extreme break dancers and much, much more.