“Josh and EE&E combine terrific knowledge with creative and expertly executed implementation.  I'm very pleased with the work he's done.  Josh and his team respond with grace and speed to all queries and truly know the importance of follow-up.  I recommend him and his firm enthusiastically.  We hire EE&E for all of our event production and management needs as well as some of their other services when applicable."
-Coa Saroff, Global Events Director, Disney
"Josh and his team from EE&E provided event services for a series of complex consumer events in various cities across the country. Not only were the events demanding in terms of logistics coordination and creativity, but our client made several major changes at the last minute, creating additional stress for my team and EE&E. Not only did EE&E deliver excellent results regardless of these last minute changes, but they integrated seamlessly with my team while on site; every member of the EE&E team was energetic, hard-working and delightful to work with. Josh was incredibly attentive throughout the entire process - from the first day of planning to packing up after our final event - making sure I was comfortable with every detail, anticipating my needs and solving unforeseen issues.
Event planning can be a tedious and thankless job - EE&E provides professional service, excellent results and the INVALUABLE peace-of-mind that comes with being able to trust your event producer to take care of the details so you can focus on managing your client."
-Lissa Burt, President, LB Communications (regarding Virgin Health Miles national tour for Virgin and Humana)
 “I have to tell you, that the entire experience, from the very first day we met to when the curtain came down on the show, was a nearly perfect experience.  I want to thank everyone of you who worked so hard and so smart and never lost your good humor.  You made me look like a champion and I really do appreciate that.  I have never worked with a better or more diligent crew of people.  Look forward to working together on the next project”
-David Lehmkuhl, VP - Marketing Communications, ESPN
“Please let this serve as a recommendation of the highest order for Josh Berman and Everything Events & Entertainment. 
I had the pleasure of working with Josh while he managed The History Channel account and our Time Machine Tour.  Under Josh’s astute direction, The History Channel Time Machine (a touring exhibit) was a tremendous success across the board, has exceeded all expectations and reached an amazing 153 Million media impressions in less than one year.
Having daily contact with Josh was a pleasure.  Diligent and creative, Josh ia a devoted program & event manager and can, in my opinion, handle anything that comes his way.  He is a very motivated individual, knows how to prioritize, has impeccable attention to detail and surrounds himself with an incredible team.
I traveled to several locations across the USA with Josh for The Time Machine and each time, Josh and his team impressed me with their work ethic, professionalism and anything to get the job done attitude.  This is a man and a company that goes the extra mile.
I thank him for everything he has done to make The History Channel Time Machine such a tremendous success and the overall effect on The History Channel.  I look forward to working with him again soon.”
-Jim Dowd, Manager – Program Publicity, The History Channel
“As a devoted program, event and show management company, Josh and his staff at Everything Events & Entertainment are diligent, creative and can handle any production, project, task or hurdle that comes their way.  They are highly motivated, know how to prioritize and have an incredible attention to detail.  Client service is another area they really excel.  They are on top of everything.  They are adept at anticipating needs and addressing potential concerns before they even arise.  Always going above and beyond, they frequently include details (for which we were never charged) to ensure the highest client satisfaction.  They are always accessible, providing multiple contacts with availability via cell phone before and after business hours.  With Everything Events & Entertainment, we felt we had all of the experience and resources of a big agency, with a small agency feel, as they are very hands-on and completely attentive to providing superior client service…the cost felt like a small agency too.
I have had the pleasure of working with Josh Berman and his staff over the past five plus years, while they produced and managed multiple events such as, dinner symposia, speaker training, advisory boards and large corporate meetings and launch events for our clients including, Eli Lilly, Allergan and Indevus Pharmaceuticals. Under Josh’s management, each of these events were a tremendous success and exceeded all ours and our clients’ expectations.  Over the years, I have worked for numerous pharmaceutical companies and medical communications firms as well as freelance for many companies (small and large), and in my experience, Everything Events & Entertainment represent the very best event producers and marketers in the industry.  I hire them for anything I need in that capacity.  What’s great about working with Everything Events & Entertainment is that I can get as involved with the planning as I want, but they handle everything on any project I give them.  I don’t have to worry about anything (except to approve details) and the events always run smoothly with outstanding results.  I really can’t say enough about how satisfied we are with the events that we’ve done with Josh and his team.
Everything they do is top-notch, from their event services, to their marketing ideas and programs to their impeccable project management skills and attention to detail.  Time and time again, Josh and his team have impressed me with their anything to get the job done right attitude.  I highly recommend Everything Events & Entertainment to anyone looking for first-class program, event and show production/management, marketing, talent or entertainment, etc.  If they do it, hire them to handle it. With the tremendous success we have had in working with EE&E over the years, it will be my pleasure to continue utilizing their superior services in the future.
-Melissa Lynne, Freelance Medical Communications Director, Various Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies
“We hired EE&E to help us acquire models for a campaign for a Target billboard for Times Square during the holiday season and New Year called ‘Target: 12 Days of Christmas.’  Even though our client kept making changes in terms of the look they wanted and then not selecting models that had the look they wanted, the EE&E team was patient, efficient and ultimately this resulted in an incredible billboard that our client thinks is one of the best they’ve ever had.  They (and we) were so happy with the billboard, they decided to use it in various NY publications as well.  Thanks again.  We’ll definitely be in touch soon.”
-Amita Sehgal, Producer, Mother Industries (on behalf of Target)